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Hiraku is a creative agency based in Geelong. We specialise in design, development, identity and public relations.

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Hiraku has worked with dozens of local businesses, organisations and individuals to deliver a range of different creative solutions. We have years of experience in web development, graphic design and social media strategy to give you the creative edge you need.

On the web front, we pride ourselves on delivering sharp, bold and purpose-built websites that provide a rich and in-depth user experience. We understand different audiences require different solutions, which is why we work to craft custom websites, built for specific audiences.

When it comes to design, we are the masters of the trade. At Hiraku, we love creating unique logos, banners, brochures and business cards. Design and branding is an integral part of any business. We are about giving a truly effective, lasting first-impression. We are confident you will find our range of elegant design solutions an effective way to grow your business.

We love to communicate. When there’s something that needs to be said, we know how to say it. Our communications solutions include social media, digital marketing and online public relations. Hiraku is able to work with you to communicate with your existing clients, as well as stand out from the pack to help grow your customer base.

Hiraku is made up of a young and energetic team of enthusiastic developers, designers and professional communicators. We are ready to work with you, your business or organisation to create something wonderful.

Through our years of experience, we have measured the most beneficial ways of communicating to a target audience. Hiraku has been able to exceed in delivering key messages throughout the local community, on behalf of our clients.

As technology evolves, we are constantly reviewing and updating our product offerings to ensure that we provide our partners with the most appropriate solutions to their communications needs.

We’ve spearheaded partnerships with local businesses and organisations to ensure their success and contribution to Geelong. We live and love Geelong, and we are proud to be an energetic part of the vibrant local community.


Hiraku’s generosity in designing and hosting gratis the Keep Eric campaign website has enhanced our efforts to attract supporters to our petition. The Keep Eric website is indicative of the enthusiasm they have for helping clients achieve success.

Andrew Alexander, Keep Eric Campaign

Through the social media marketing campaign run by Hiraku, iRestore has been able to connect and engage with our existing client base, as well as target new customers in the Geelong region. Since launching our Facebook page, we have seen a sharp increase in sales and services.

Fraser Ryan, iRestore

Hiraku has been instrumental in setting up my website. I really had no idea what to do or how to do it, so I made contact with Hiraku and they set everything up for me! It doesn’t seem as though anything is too much trouble, and I have made a number of small changes after the website has been completed to which they have been very accommodating by helping me get to the point where I wanted and helping me grow my business.

John Malnar, Easy Installations